Ryan Grant – TIVO for Life

Here is a great talk by Ryan Grant from the last QS Show&Tell. Things got especially interesting when Ryan talked started talking about how the device he is making would allow you to capture, in sound, stills, and video, moments of your life that had already passed.

 Below are a few excerpts from the audio transcript to whet your interest.

KK: “Quiet please!”

RG: “Hi my name is Ryan Grant, I’m the founder of Metascopic, Incorporated. We make a memory assistant in the form of a camera you can wear. It takes tens of thousands of pictures during the day and records audio as well. I”m really excited we can get it down to a product about this size. It very wearable. This has not been done before, and I don’t know why….”

QUESTION FROM AUDIENCE: “Tell us a little more abou the specs. What is this? Is this a still camera, is it video? I’m not really sure what it is yet, can you describe what it hopes to be?”

RG: “The first thing I can tell you is that you are going to get  tens of thousands of pictures a day.”


RG: “Still pictures.”

QUESTION FROM AUDIENCE: “What resolution?”

RG: “XGA resolution. 1024 by 768.”

QUESTION FROM AUDIENCE: “What about the viewpoint?”

RG: The viewpoint is going to be very wide angle. For some reason nobody is doing this in existing semi-wearables.

QUESTION FROM AUDIENCE: How often per minute does that translate to?

RG: That translates to a picture every 2 to 5 seconds.

Now, using a buffer, you could tap the device and capture the moment that had just passed – a kind of TIVO for life.


QS_081023_02_Ryan_Grant from Paul Lundahl on Vimeo.

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  1. gwern says:

    Alas, Metascopic seems to be dead.

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