What’s your experience with personal genomics?

Now that there are multiple companies selling genome scans, and urging their use as a guide in making decisions about health, the sociologists are following close behind. Marcie Lambrix, at Case Western University, contacted me recently to seek research help in putting together a report on consumer attitudes and experiences with personal genomics. The research is for an academic study whose results will be publicly available. It is not marketing research. I offered to post Marcie’s contact information on QS – if you have used 23andMe, Navigenics, deCODEME, or Knome, she would like to hear from you.


Marcie Lambrix

Case Western University, School of Medicine



(And if you are a user of Knome, please let me know, too. I would love to hear a description of how you are using this information at the next QS Show&Tell.)

(From MIT’s Technology Review: “A customer who pays $350,000 for Knome’s
service receives a silver box containing an eight-gigabyte USB drive
housing his or her genome sequence…”)

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2 Responses to What’s your experience with personal genomics?

  1. TIm says:

    Hey There Gary!
    Well Knome’s product has been discounted by 67% to just around $100,000 recently.

  2. BioBud says:

    Knome’s price for getting your whole genome sequence and interpretation (vital) is now $39,500 USD.

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