Three Bits of Exciting Self-Tracking News

I recently came across Mikael Huss’ Follow the Data blog, which reports on data-driven trends in reality mining, self-tracking, and personalized medicine. In a recent post, Mikael talks about three bits of self-tracking news that are sure to create tingles up the spines of Quantified Self readers:

1. FitBit ships
At long last! FitBit, the accelerometer with the beautiful clip-on form factor and wireless uploading of exercise and sleep data, has arrived. A one-time fee of $99 puts passive motion tracking in your pocket.

2. DailyBurn launches FoodScanner iPhone app
Tracking your fitness and nutrition is going mobile. DailyBurn has a $0.99 iPhone app that lets you take pictures of the barcodes on foods you eat, helping you more smoothly track your caloric intake.

3. Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmell release Total Recall book
Based on their experience with the MyLifeBits project at Microsoft Research, Bell and Gemmell wrote Total Recall: How The E-Memory Revolution Will Change Everything. They talk about the future implications of being able to remember everything about your life in delicious detail.

These are definitely exciting times to be a Quantified Self enthusiast!

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3 Responses to Three Bits of Exciting Self-Tracking News

  1. Ashley says:

    They still don’t ship to canada. Any volunteers to reship for me?

  2. Gary Wolf says:

    I contacted them directly to see if I could buy one in time to show at a talk I was giving this weekend in New York, they are backed up with orders and I think it will be a while.

  3. Juan says:

    Thanks so much for introducing me to the FitBit! I hadn’t heard of it before today. I will definitely be getting one.

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