Open Source Electronic Diary

Calling all beta testers!

Kresten Bjerg, at the Institut for Psykologi at the University of Copenhagen, is working on an open source electronic diary app that uses pictograms or “syntactic glyphs” as part of the thought-recording process. He is looking for people to help test the diary and possibly build on it. Please write directly to Kresten if you are interested in checking it out.

Here are some of the pictograms he has built into the diary:


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2 Responses to Open Source Electronic Diary

  1. Kresten Bjerg says:

    I am happy for this announcement.
    Just a clarification
    The site where the program is explained, long DEMO and downloadable installers for Windows or Mac versions is
    A site for cooperation between testers of the program is
    As I am pensioned from the Institut for Psykologi I can only be found among emeriti there, but my homepage there is

  2. Alexandra Carmichael says:

    Great, thanks Kresten! Let us know how the testing goes.

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