Roundup: Goal Tracking Tools

This is our first roundup topic by request! Michael Nagle, organizer of the Boston QS Show&Tell meetup, wrote to say that the founder of StickK is coming to speak at their next meetup. He asked if we could do a roundup of goal-tracking tools in advance of that, so here it is. Thanks Nagle!

It’s part of our regular weekly tool roundup for the complete catalog we’re putting together of all the self-tracking tools out there. Please help us to make sure we include your favorite tool, your company, or your project. Self-promotion is allowed!

Here are all the goal tracking tools we’ve found so far. Please let me know what we’re missing in the comments below. 

[Photo credit: lululemonathletica]

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7 Responses to Roundup: Goal Tracking Tools

  1. Vrimj says:

  2. Alexandra Carmichael says:

    Ah, of course! How did I miss HealthMonth!?! Thank you.

  3. @harscoat says: by Jordy Mont-Reynaud ! (not sure they are specifically “goal oriented” but they are worth noticing, they also do sthg interesting imho
    Thanks Alexandra for posting all these links, and to all the creators of those apps.
    Now shameless selfpromotion ;) Goal is regularity in the activities of your choice. No specific goal entry yet (feature later on, we go slow ;) .
    Quick update: Quantter is right now in Alpha. 1st payng customers. Currently working on polishing our API. We support Nike+, Runkeeper, Fitbit, Withings or open microsyntaxe on twitter (#activity:xUnit) eg: #run:10km or #piano:1h to collect people’s activity inputs (we call them quantts). Beta should be live in a month.
    eg. of our alpha profile page:
    Please do not hesitate to push the “cheer” button. Francis my coFounder pledged to swim everyday in the Lake of Constance for 1 year… and it starts to be cold ;)

  4. @harscoat says:

    Another one is

  5. Alexandra Carmichael says:

    Margie Morris of Intel just sent in a link to their new Facebook app “With a Little Help from my Friends”

  6. Thanks for this, Michael and Alex. I’ve been thinking about self-tracking and two possible “entry points”: bottom-up and top-down. Maybe “start with the data” is a bottom-up approach, and “start with the goals” is a top-down one. The former tells you tactical things you can change, and the latter, strategic. Thoughts?

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