Announcing: The Complete QS Guide to Self Tracking

One of the most common questions I get from people is, “do you have a list of all Quantified Self tools, or resources in a particular area, like heart rate variability or cognitive function?” We’ve been cobbling together a preliminary list of self-tracking resources over the past few months, but we are now very excited to announce that it will become a formal QS project.

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Pioneer Portfolio, which supports bold ideas at the cutting edge of health and health care, has awarded us a year-long grant, in partnership with Institute for the Future, to support the development of a complete online self-tracking resource guide. In fact, we are already starting to build the framework – which will allow each QS tool to be tagged, rated, and reviewed by the global QS community.

People interested in measuring their genetic predispositions, or sleep, or body fat, will be able to come to the guide to learn about the different tools available, interact with people who are measuring the same thing, and discover new ideas about how these observations can be useful.

Our colleagues at IFTF will also be researching the dynamics of this shared online resource as it evolves.

We are very excited about this project as a way to gather and organize all of our collective QS knowledge in one central place, for the benefit of self-trackers everywhere. We will post updates as the guide is built and let you all know when it is ready for your contributions!

UPDATE: The guide is now available at

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11 Responses to Announcing: The Complete QS Guide to Self Tracking

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  2. Kevin Gainey says:

    Awesome news! I imagine something like a Crunchbase for self monitoring tools, companies and gadgets. Is that sort of what is being aimed at? Looking forward to learning and seeing more.

  3. This is fantastic news and congratulations on the project!!

  4. Gary Wolf says:

    Thanks Kevin, Andre – we are thrilled to be doing this and grateful for the support from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Pioneer Portfolio and IFTF. A word about our approach: Quantified Self is an advanced users group, with a lot of participants who are okay with experimenting with emerging technologies. We like to try new things, and see what we can learn. This users guide is an experiment in seeing whether our knowledge and experiences can be helpful to a larger community. We hope so, but we’re in uncharted territory here, and we welcome your feedback and advice.

  5. Kevin Burton says:

    I’m willing to contribute. I’m very extensively quantifying my entire life right now…. I measure ALL my food.. use the Zeo, heart rate monitor, runkeeper, etc.

  6. Gary and Alexandra,

    Congrats on a great QS in SF last night; what I think was the first “live broadcast” of QS, thanks to UStream, via a standard 3gs iphone taped to a chair, and now this new grant by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to take self measurement tools and their categorization process and indexing to the next level!

    Great job!

  7. Chloe Fan says:

    I’d be happy to help out with collecting iPhone and Android apps. Is there any way we can integrate/collaborate with

  8. I’m out here in Brussels and very excited to see a movement toward mainstreaming some best practices / tool recommendations to the global QS community and beyond. Keep us updated on how we can help contribute!

  9. Matthew Cornell says:

    A big congratulations to you both, Gary and Alex. It’s a great idea, and getting funding for it is a nice validation of the work. I’m very pleased, Gary, with your response that the guide is an experiment – of course! I’d be very curious to talk about the details, including what you’ll do, what participants will be allowed to do, and how you’ll measure it. Again, great work!

  10. Gary Wolf says:

    Chloe – thanks for your offer to help. We should have a framework available for experimenting with in the next few weeks. And that is a good point about Personal Informatics. Ian Li, who maintains that resource, has already been working on this and inspiring us!

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