Quantified Self San Diego #2 Meeting Recap

On Tuesday Evening, January 18th, another inquisitive, intelligent and enthusiastic group of individuals came together to share and learn at the 2nd Quantified Self San Diego.

The event was hosted by Paula Nenn and Summer Rogers of Optimal Health and Prevention Research Foundation.  Paula attended our 1st QSSD, and was so in tune with what we were doing that she immediately offered her support by offering to host our next meeting.

After everyone socialized a bit over beverages and healthy snacks we started off the evening with a talk from Nate Heintzman, Ph.D. from Calit2 and the Biomedical Informatics Group at UCSD.

He shared information about his blood sugar as measured by the Dexcom SEVEN PLUS on an important and stressful day for him – the day he interviewed for a faculty positon.

The information from the device shows how you could appear to be diabetic, when you are actually stressed! Check out his talk on HealthGeek.TV at this link. UPDATE: (slides here)

The second talk of the evening was presented by Yu Mike Chi, a Ph.D. Candidate in Electrical Engineering, Jacobs School of Engineering at UCSD. He introduced us to his Wireless Non-contact Cardiac and Neural Monitoring Devices.

These measure the biopotential for EEG and ECG without the added invasion of using tape or electro-gel to conduct the signal. Mike’s innovation will enable future developers to create less obvious and noninvasive monitoring devices; consequently, doctors will have more data to available to them for fact based diagnoses.

Check out Mike’s talk which starts at at 20:50 on the video (link)

Paula Nenn, MD, ABIHM, MRCP, MS, CertMedEd, FHEA, is the Senior Medical Director our host and sponsor Optimal Health and Prevention Research Foundation. She concluded our talks with a peek into the future of health awareness: Individualized Health Optimization based upon measured data. The collected data will  be evaluated by artificial intelligence and combined with the desire of the client to create achievable goals.

At the end of her talk Paula invited attendees to volunteer for her trial which she discusses in her presentation – talk about the ultimate give away for a Quantified Self meeting!

Her talk starts at 45:11 on the video (link) UPDATE: (slides here)

The February QSSD will be themed: Body Transformation

We are looking for people to share their experiences and transformations while losing weight, transforming their diet, discovering new health by modifying posture, alignment, habits or changing mechanics to increase performance through the use of objective evaluation.

Contact us at quantifiedselfSD@gmail.com, follow us on Twitter:@QSSanDiego and most importantly join us at http://www.meetup.com/QuantifiedSelfSD/ to be notified of our next meeting!

ior Medical Director

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4 Responses to Quantified Self San Diego #2 Meeting Recap

  1. Very interesting presentation by Yu, I would like to contact him, anyone knows email or phone?

    Greetings from Germany

    Jorgos Papastefanou

  2. Jargos,

    Please send us an email at Labs (at) QuantifiedSelf (dot) com and I’ll make an email introduction for you.

  3. Matthew Cornell says:

    Great stuff, John. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You’re welcome Matthew.

    I just added links to slides for Paula & Nate’s presentations on Slideshare.net. Check them out (tagged QuantifiedSelf, QSSD)

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