Forget-Me-Not: Personal Sensing in 1994

Here’s a bit of ancient history in the automated self-tracking world. A biography-generating device called Forget-Me-Not was really a lifelogging app before web development and ubiquitous cell phones came along. Watch the video below for a fascinating peek into the past of self-tracking. Thanks to Mik Lamming for sending this in.

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3 Responses to Forget-Me-Not: Personal Sensing in 1994

  1. Matthew Cornell says:

    It’s amazing what Xerox PARC (if I read the intro right) has done. Thanks for the video – where’d you dig it up?

  2. Alexandra Carmichael says:

    You’re welcome Matt! QS member Mik Lamming sent it in (he’s also in the video) :)

  3. Mik Lamming says:

    I was at PARC for many years, but this work was done at the Xerox European Lab “EuroPARC”, in Cambridge which I joined in ’88. There were no PDAs at that time, and certainly no Wireless PDAs, so it was a bit “out there”. I’ve been working on activity sensing ever since.

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