Gary Wolf talks to Microsoft about Auto-Analytics

Bruno Aziza from Microsoft recently caught up with Gary in San Francisco to talk about Quantified Self and our upcoming conference. Listen to Gary’s keen insights on the variety of things people are tracking, what they are learning from the process, and where this is all going.

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One Response to Gary Wolf talks to Microsoft about Auto-Analytics

  1. Chris says:

    Very mind opening interview indeed. Exciting to see is your work on the personal analytics that is happening in parallel to the Health Information Exchange (HIE) advancements that are allowing healthcare systems to share information about care processes for the good of public health.

    We for one are very interested in the extrapolation of clinical data from hospital data warehouses in ways that allow clinicians to organize around best practice delivery of care which results in reductions in variation and costs of healthcare. At some point, some sort of that clinical data may be available to individuals receiving care. Can you imagine the power when people have the data to know what optimal care is and the evidence to show whether they received it.

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