The First Quantified Self Conference (and the first live post about it!)

The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA is abuzz with life. For the first time, self-trackers from around the world are gathering in one spot to share insights, tips, and to simply meet each other.

First impression of the conference:
31 posters
17 exhibition tables
400+ attendees

And the schedule:
45 talks
26 break-out sessions
400+ products being demoed

All in one weekend. Which kicks off with Gary Wolf, cofounder of Quantified Self.

Gary defines the conference in three simple terms: connections, conversations, and discoveries. Adding that knowledge transfer is inefficient. We’re all working on this but, for now, expect rawness.

This weekend, we will be thinking together. This conference is designed to support your thinking.

Occasionally, take a moment to and ask yourself:

What do you do?
How did you do it?
What did you learn?

and share.

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