iYou Accumulates Smart Phone Data

Niels Schrader and Bert Kommerij presented their data tracking via a smartphone. They tracked their SMS’s over time and distance, ran some simple analytics like how many smiley’s were used in messages.

It’s passive tracking with what people are doing with their smart phones now, with analytics.

In the future, this is the kind of tracking that will matter, the mobile device is a very personal device and with the layers of information that such a hardware heavy gadget can accumulate, trends can be found.

They invite you to sign up at www.iyou.nu and see what you can find out about your behavior over time, as seen from your phone.

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  1. Karen says:

    Super interesting to see that virtual hugs are a popular feature among people who don’t know each other well but want to offer support. This sounds like a great tool I haven’t used it myself because I’m personally not too keen on happiness being the metric, as if 100% happiness were the goal for every day. I like to value all my moods, and I find the more negative ones are especially conducive to learning, so I wouldn’t want to try to make them go away. But the mood descriptions without the rating, that would be interesting to me. Thanks to Mood Panda for bringing more attention to mood and helping people support each other (so important!!), and thanks to Raj for featuring them!

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