Hugo Campos on Going Vegan in December

Hugo Campos lives with arrhythmia, and is a self-professed data nudist. He decided to do an experiment last December to improve his health and his heart – going vegan and taking beautiful pictures of every single meal he ate to post to a public Flickr set. In the video below, Hugo gives an animated talk about what inspired him, what challenges he faced, and what he learned. Find out if he’s decided to continue eating vegan! (Filmed by the Bay Area QS Show&Tell meetup group.)

Hugo Campos – Going Vegan in December from Gary Wolf on Vimeo.

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2 Responses to Hugo Campos on Going Vegan in December

  1. Eventide says:

    Great talk. I think it will be best if the camera is fixed to the screen during the talk so we can follow the power point and then when it is over, to turn the lights on for the Q&A so that the speaker is more visible and then pan the camera to the speaker.

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