Nick Winter: The Lazy Man Approach to Cognitive Testing

Nick Winter has done some dedicated testing of the effect of different interventions on his cognitive function. He discovered that butter had an unexpected impact on his mental performance, while things like cutting out gluten had no effect. In the video below, Nick gives an entertaining and informative talk about his experimental design and what he has learned so far. (Filmed by the Bay Area QS Show&Tell meetup group.)

Nick Winter – A Lazy Man’s Approach to Cognitive Testing from Gary Wolf on Vimeo.

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5 Responses to Nick Winter: The Lazy Man Approach to Cognitive Testing

  1. Christian Kleineidam says:

    Was the butter from grassfed cows?

  2. jeremywho says:

    If I understand your method, you would go gluten-free for a couple days and then eat gluten for a couple days?

    I’ve never cut out gluten, but my understanding is that it takes weeks if not months for your body to heal from gluten. I do not believe your tests were applicable in this case.

  3. Nick Winter says:

    jeremywho, you’re totally right that I didn’t wait long enough for full gluten washout according to those I’ve heard ranting about gluten, nor with creatine. I did have gluten on a 46-day cycle, so I’d cut it out for 23 days at a time. It is possible that gluten does take months and that there’s no effect of cutting it out until longer than 23 days.

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