Ian Clements on Analyzing his Cancer Data

Ian Clements has been self-tracking since 1974 – mostly exercise, weight, and general health indicators. But in 2007 he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This set off a more comprehensive mission of self-tracking to figure out which lifestyle changes and supplements were helping him to live longer. In the video below, Ian walks through his fascinating and detailed journey in data analysis land and shares the lessons he has learned. (Filmed by the London QS Show&Tell meetup group.)

Data Analysis from Ken Snyder on Vimeo.

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4 Responses to Ian Clements on Analyzing his Cancer Data

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  2. Ian’s talk was really interesting and was focused on analytical expertise he needs to carry out his experiment. His talk was actually filmed at the Selfhacking day event back (http://selfhacking.com/2012/08/03/self-hacking-day-event-follow-up) in June. I organised the day event so we could discuss issues that don’t get covered in the meetup.

  3. Terry Wall says:

    Hi Ian
    Read the Guardian Weekly article and sought you out on the internet. I think I might be able to assist. I have been working on the question of human well being for 25 years and 12 years ago reached a level of understanding based on a career as a farm adviser; that set me on the path to produce my own mineral only supplement. Then I wrote a book on the subject (see web site). I am 69, don’t get colds which is the canary of you immune strength, don’t do Doctors at all, not medical insurance, don’t do vitamins, just one to 3 caps a day of the minerals. I don’t do Ph testing any more because I don’t need to. My wife is the same as are many customers and friends in many countries. If you recon I am writing this to sell you things I am disappointed.
    In the meantime I wish you the very best.

  4. Geoff says:

    Hi Ian, I would very much like to have more detail of your mineral supplement so that perhaps I can boost my immune strength. Note. I am not interested in purchasing.

    Regards Geoff

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