Amelia Greenhall on Gold Star Experiments

Amelia Greenhall, of QS Seattle, describes five simple and powerful self-tracking experiments she has been doing over the past few years that feel like getting gold stars. For example, she records everything she has learned, done, read, or accomplished each month. Check out Amelia’s insightful lessons in the video below.

Amelia Greenhall: Gold Star from David Reeves on Vimeo.

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3 Responses to Amelia Greenhall on Gold Star Experiments

  1. Hey – if you all have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments (I’ve subscribed, so I should get an email) or on twitter @ameliagreenhall I will do my best to answer. :)

  2. Dieter Wegner says:

    Please donate this woman a microphone!

  3. Marco Rietveld says:

    Great presentation!

    What types of “meta” habits did you notice yourself acquiring?

    For example, you’re mention 5 (good) tips — but once you’re doing those, do you notice anything structural in how you do them? Take physical reminders: are there any patterns in how you place the reminders, or how often you make them, or how you behave around the reminders (touching them, “talking” to them, etc..)? The same applies to the other 5 tips or other tracking behavior (tracking, looking at progress, the size of what you track).


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