Amy Robinson on Quantifying Curiosity

By being able to see my ideas and see how they’re connected to each other, I’m able to think about myself in new ways.

Amy Robinson is curious. That curiosity led her to think very deeply about her curiosity. What was she curious about? Where do her ideas come from? What inspires her? In this talk from the 2012 QS Conference Amy takes us through a really unique method for quantifying her curiosity and what she’s learned so far.

Amy has also amazingly provided the transcript of this talk over on her website. Be sure to click over for a wonderful read and links to some of her inspirations for this project.

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4 Responses to Amy Robinson on Quantifying Curiosity

  1. Scott Furtwengler says:

    Amy, thanks for an intriguing presentation. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on ideas. Great job!


  2. Dean Blake says:

    Thanks for the fantastic video Amy. As a writer, it really had me thinking about all the new ways we can dissect who we really are.

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