Jared Chung on Tracking Time

How do we spend our time?

Jared Chung was curious about how he was spending his days after he transitioned from his role as a consultant into his new startup venture. Inspired by pervious Quantified Self talks he decided to start tracking his time and his daily activities (work, exercise, sleep, etc.) using Google Calendar. This ongoing tracking project has helped him identify how he spends his day and how that compares to his planned activities. Watch this great talk filmed at the QS Boston Meetup to learn more about what Jared learned and how you can get started tracking your time


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8 Responses to Jared Chung on Tracking Time

  1. Ramy says:

    How do we spend out time? –> How do we spend our time?

  2. Roger Ulrich says:

    Thanks Jared for the detailed explanation of using Google calendar to track time. The export to csv was a great tip.

    I first saw the use of Google calendar as a time log in a Wired article about Chris Dancy: http://www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2013/02/quantified-work/all/

    I need to get my categories set up as different categories and then I’ll be ready to get started.

  3. Chris Dancy says:

    I’m Chris Dancy from the Wired article. I have had a lot of requests for step by step instructions and other items. I am finishing a video on my simple methods (less than 10 minutes)

    Here is a link to my thinking on the area. http://www.slideshare.net/chrisdancy/existence-as-a-platform-where-quantified-self-meets-internet-of-things

    I have never posted to the QS site before. Lots of really smart people. :)

    Hope to see everyone in October at QS2013.

    • Roger Ulrich says:

      Great to see your post here. The slideshare you created it great- a lot of great ideas and practices. I’m looking forward to seeing your video on time/internet presence tracking.

      I too will be going to QS2013 in October; see you there.

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