Robert Carlsen on Tracking Weight

“I was starting to feel a little bit out of control.”

Robert Carlsen used to be an amateur bike racer. When he moved to New York and stopped racing he found that his weight was slowly creeping up. He was still leading an active lifestyle, but he soon realized that most of daily food choices were the result of guess work. In this video, filmed at the New York City QS Meetup, Robert explains how he used different apps and tools to track his caloric inputs and outputs in order to move towards his goal weight.

Body Weight Simulator
Lose It!
Withings Scale + App
Nike Fuelband

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2 Responses to Robert Carlsen on Tracking Weight

  1. Denise says:

    Just found out that I am a Quantifies Selfer – didn’t know there was a term for what I do when Tracking my food – using Fitness Pal and wearing a pedometer everyday making sure I get to at least 10 000 steps! Through this process I have lost 8.5 kilos and feel healthier than I have for a long time. I am motivated and refreshed!!

  2. Withings says:

    Tracking your weight with passive data collection is a real game-changer for those who are trying to loose/gain weight. Weight is a popular entry point into the Quantified Self world ;)

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