Greg Pomerantz on Trying a High Carbohydrate Diet

Greg Pomerantz was curious about the effect of carbohydrate intake on his various health indicators. After eating a low carbohydrate diet for a few years Greg wanted to see what happened if he reversed course and switched to a high carbohydrate diet (mostly fish and rice). Watch this quick talk, filmed at the New York QS Meetup group, to see what he learned.

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4 Responses to Greg Pomerantz on Trying a High Carbohydrate Diet

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  2. What were his findings?

  3. There was someone who did a similar experiment who was on the Dr. Oz show. They concluded the human body was able to adapt to the change and no long term effects were found. Not something I would want to try , but nevertheless interesting.

  4. liz says:

    I think there were a few studies, in regards to exercise & food, that the body responds very well to being on a non-stable routine. Apparently, being starved for a few days & having to run all out max speed from something, helps us have healthier bodies. The translation to our own lives ,could possibly be, to vary what you eat & how you exercise maybe?

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