Stan James on Tracking Habits

Stan James finds comfort in his daily habits.So much so, that he found that he kept adding to his routine. He started out by just using physical reminders, but found that tracking tools like Equinimity (meditation) and 750 Words (writing) added a little extra boost. In August of 2012 he started using Lift, a habit tracking mobile and web application. In this great talk, Stan explains what he’s learned from his 14 months of habit tracking. (filmed at the Bay Area QS Meetup).

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4 Responses to Stan James on Tracking Habits

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  2. Stan James says:

    So weird to see myself in a video!

    Here is the data, spreadsheet, and charts from my talk.

    I am ‘wanderingstan’ on Lift if anyone wants to follow me there–anything for more accountability. :)

    Thanks again to Gary and Ernesto for the opportunity to talk.

  3. Val says:

    Lift is a really cool ap. Thanks for the tip! I love how you can see others who have chosen the same habits as well as any comments about how they are doing with it.

  4. Neal Gorenflo says:

    Cool effort Stan. What I was wondering through the whole time was if your quality of life got better because of your new habits, and I wanted a qualitative description of how so though numbers would be interesting too.

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