Kitty Ireland: Grandma was a Lifelogger

Decades before apps, GPS, and even personal computing, people kept track of their lives by writing things down. Kitty Ireland’s grandmother was one of these people. When Kitty stumbled upon her grandmother’s diaries and started to explore the daily entries, she was struck by similarities with her own life and habits. Kitty is a modern-day lifelogger. She tracks places, events, mood – a variety of different personal data streams. Reading the diaries, Kitty saw that her grandmother used her daily entries as logs – tracking the details of where she went, what she ate, even the boys she kissed. Watch this great talk, filmed at the 2013 Quantified Self Global Conference, to see what Kitty discovered, and the lessons she learned.

We’ll be posting videos from our 2013 Global Conference during the next few months. If you’d like see talks like this in person we invite you to join us in Amsterdam for our 2014 Quantified Self Europe Conference on May 10 and 11th.

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6 Responses to Kitty Ireland: Grandma was a Lifelogger

  1. Kitty Ireland says:

    Thanks for the video!

    If anyone is interested in reading the diary, I’m transcribing it here:

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