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Enjoy these links, articles, and ideas from around the web.

Real Analysis of Raw Data – A very fun, informative journal by Zach Jones about deriving comprehensible measurements from raw accelerometer data.

The Weight of Things Lost: Self-knowledge and Personal Informatics. In this thoughtful paper by Kaiton WIlliams, published in CHI’13, a technologist and designer discusses what he learned from a year-long self tracking experiment.

I wanted to understand how it felt to be healthy and fit, but I came to wonder about the changes in self that accompanied my technologically guided, deliberate experience: does the quest for more information about ourselves and our world help us fi nd either?

Evidence-based practice for individuals or groups: let’s make a difference by M. de Groot, J. M. van der Wouden, E. A. van Hell, M. B. Nieweg, in Perspectives on Medical Education. This short communication contains a very useful and clear description of why the definition of “evidence” must vary with context.

You Are Your Data by Sara M. Watson.  When you use personal data collection system, do you have a right to use it? What does that mean and  why should have this right?

Reconciling Quantified Self, Lifelogging, Big Data and… by Niclas Johansson. This is a very well described theory of how the different fields of QS, Lifelogging Big Data, and Social Media

We are also enjoying this growing list of crowd-funded QS tools by Eric Blue. It’s up to 30 and counting.

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