Robby Macdonell on Tracking 8,000 Screen Hours

Productivity tracking is nothing new. People have been keeping checklists and marking off to do’s for ages. But what about all the little stuff that gets thrown in during the day? For the last six years Robby Macdonnell has been tracking his productivity and how he spends his time on his various computers (home and work) and even how he uses phone. Over those years he’s amassed 8,300 hours of screen time. Watch his great talk to hear what’s he learned about his work habits, productivity and how he’s come to think about time.

We’ll be posting videos from our 2013 Global Conference during the next few months. If you’d like see talks like this in person we invite you to join us in Amsterdam for our 2014 Quantified Self Europe Conference on May 10 and 11th.

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2 Responses to Robby Macdonell on Tracking 8,000 Screen Hours

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  2. Evguenia says:


    Thank you for posting information about this amazing software! I have been looking for something like this for months to see how often I spend my time on email, YouTube, etc. However, I cannot figure out where to get RescueTime on iPhone; I could not find it in the App Store. Could you please let me know how I can get it on my iPhone? Thank you!


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