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Enjoy this collection of stories, websites, and links we’ve been reading.

Data Occupations. This essay, by our friend and colleague, Whitney Erin Boesel, thoughtfully explores the Quantified Self movement.

Food and Mood: Just In Time Support for Emotional Eating. Seeking to build a system to track emotional distress, the University of Rochester and Microsoft Research experimented with embedded wearable tracking systems.

Writing & Tracking. Dutch novelist Arnon Grunberg is writing a new book all while tracking his EEG (brain activity), GSR (skin conductivity) and ECG (heart rate).

The Quantified Breakup. A fascinating look at how one individual is using data and reflection to tackle divorce. So far posts include visualizations and analysis of sleep, music, movement, shopping, and emotional data.

How Would You Like Your Data Today? Internet Geologist Susannah Fox recounts her year of great releasing insightful reports at the Pew Research Center.

Tiny Salespeople [pdf]. In his latest essay, legal scholar Ryan Calo describes how tracking technologies increase the human “attack surface” and can be used to harm us.

The Open mHealth Architecture [pdf]. This presentation by the Open mHealth team describes their ideas for creating an open architecture to “break down barriers in mobile health.”

Download Your Gmail & Google Calendar Data. Google recently announced the ability to download data from both your Gmail and Calendar accounts.

From our Forums.

Keeping Track of Time. A great new thread about an ope-source time tracking solution.

Zeo Mega-Thread. If you own a Zeo sleep tracker then this is the thread for you.

SenseView. An great explanation of a interesting new Android-based sensor and visualization application.

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