Michael Cohn on Tracking Commitment

Like many of us, Michael Cohn had a hard time “rationally regulating” his behavior. Even as a psychology researcher at UCSF, he was falling victim to procrastination and time wasting. He started exploring “irrationally regulating” his behavior by stating personal commitment contacts then using self-tracking via spreadsheets to understand how he spends his time and his progress on different personal commitments. In this talk, presented at teh Bay Area QS meetup group, he explains his history, his use of tracking, and what happens when he falters.

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4 Responses to Michael Cohn on Tracking Commitment

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  2. Jacque says:

    The ideas that Michael Cohn talks about here are very much like the things we talk about when developing an agile methodology for teams. Thanks for sharing this “personal take” on making and keeping commitments!


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