Arlene Ducao on Tracking A Brain on a Bike

Arlene Ducao came to QS from using the WiFit to track personal metrics. As a researcher and maker she started to apply the lessons from self-tracking to another one of her interests, cycling. As a frequent bike ride she started with simple customizations like adding LEDs to her helmet. When consumer EEG devices came on the market she explored the possibility of a mind controlled turn signal system. While that didn’t pan out, it did lead her down a path to create the Mind Rider Project, an bike helmet and integrate EEG unit and tracking system. In this talk, filmed at the New York QS meetup group, Arlene talks about how the project evolved and what they are finding out by having riders wear the helmet during their commutes.

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  1. kena vernon says:

    My name is Kena Vernon. I am a news reporter for News 12 Brooklyn. I would like to talk to you about the mindreader helmet. Please send me your contact info so we can talk.
    Thanks you
    Kena Vernon

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