Alex Collins on Managing Type 1 Diabetes

Last year Alex Collins was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Prior to his diagnosis Alex was frequently engaged in different types of exercise and physical activity. After his diagnosis his doctor mentioned that he might have a hard time exercising and controlling his blood sugar to prevent hypoglycemia. In this talk, presented at the London QS meetup group, Alex described his process for tracking and understanding the data that affects his day-to-day life so that he could “live my life normally without a high risk of complications.” This process of collecting and analyzing data has even pushed him to continue to explore his athletic boundaries, resulting in a running a ultramarathon and setting the world record for the fastest marathon while running in an animal costume.

Slides are available here.

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2 Responses to Alex Collins on Managing Type 1 Diabetes

  1. Oliver says:

    I think this is excellent insight into how it is possible to become master of your body even if you have diabetes. Alex you have clearly put in a lot of work yourself to understand diabetes, but it really has paid off well for you. And although, like you say you have to rely on technology which might not always work, knowing what you can do and what you have to consume to make sure you stay healthy must be an enormous relief especially when you were told physical fitness might be difficult.

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