A Code of Conduct

Quantified Self Labs is wholeheartedly dedicated to creating conferences and events that are safe and comfortable for everyone involved. This means providing a harassment-free experience for every participant, regardless of gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, physical appearance, and beliefs.

Providing this experience for our members requires a concrete, visible commitment to the community. We introduced our first anti-harassment policy for the Quantified Self Global Conference in 2013. Quantified Self Boston has followed suit and introduced a Code of Conduct for all their events in April, 2014. Our Bay Area QS meetup has recently implemented this Code of Conduct as well. Meetup members from the Quantified Self Community have also started three women’s* meetups (QSXX San Francisco, QSXX Boston, QSXX New York City) to promote inclusion and safe spaces for sharing.

If you are involved in Quantified Self as an organizer or meetup member we encourage you to read our anti-harassment policy and the QS Boston Code of Conduct and use them as a basis for your own work in creating events that are welcoming to all.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to our friends Amelia Greenhall and Maggie Delano for their leadership. For more analysis and practical resources in fighting sexism in technology culture, see: The Ada Initiative.

Resources / further reading:
Code of Conduct 101 + FAQ
Why Women Need Women-Only Networks
First QSXX blog post
QSXX Boston Meetup Recap

Women’s* meetups:
QSXX San Francisco
QSXX Boston
QSXX New York City

* All women and people who identify or have identified as significantly non-male are welcome at QSXX, including those with non-binary and/or trans* gender identities.

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One Response to A Code of Conduct

  1. Chris Dancy says:

    In our Boulder meetups we have been using a code borrowed from another conference. Thank you for this important piece of work.

    If we can’t feel safe at a QS meetup, there really isn’t any place left.

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