Laurie Frick: Experiments in Self-tracking

As much as we talk about self-tracking being about health or fitness. . . I think it’s about identity. I think it’s about us. It’s about seeing something meaningful in who we are.

Laurie Frick is a self-tracker and visual artist. It this unique combination that has led her down a path of learning about herself while using the data she collects to inform her artistic work. What started with time and sleep tracking rapidly expanded to included other types of data. In this short talk, presented at the 2014 Quantified Self Europe Conference, Laurie explains how her past experiences have informed her new way of thinking about data, “Don’t hide. Get more.”

If you’re interested in Laurie’s artistic work I highly recommend spending some time browsing the gallery on her website.

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One Response to Laurie Frick: Experiments in Self-tracking

  1. Edward Bennett says:

    Hmmm I got to admit. Some of it may look pretty but I’m skeptical of it’s point. The concept of let start collecting data so we can make something aesthetically pleasing. Seems to be trying to force a round peg into a square hole. The goal of collecting data is usually to draw conclusions, the goal of making art is usually to create some beautiful.

    I’m find with finding a great and beautiful way of communicating you conclusions. But this feel a little forced, like trying to find a unique selling point for your art. To define why it’s interesting, ‘it’s about data’.

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