Kevin Krejci: An Update on Tracking Parkinson’s Disease

At our recent Bay Area QS meetup, Kevin Krejci presented a short update about the ongoing self-tracking and treatment projects he’s undergoing as part of living with Parkinson’s Disease. Back in January, Kevin first presented his tracking journey and how he’s using different tools to understand and improve his life. Watch his short talk below to see how he’s progressing.

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3 Responses to Kevin Krejci: An Update on Tracking Parkinson’s Disease

  1. Kevin Krejci says:

    You can find the Slideshare version of my talk on Slideshare:

  2. Kevin Krejci says:

    Here are the rolling credits:

    Behind every boxer… There are a lot of people to thank…

    Wife and kids
    Mom and Dad Brother and Sister
    Extended Family and Relatives Friends and Followers
    Colleagues and Management at Fujitsu, @Nifty, and RocketSpace

    World Parkinson Coalition
    Rock Steady Boxing SF
    The Parkinsons Institute
    Physical Therapy Select
    UCSF Neurology Department
    Sutter Palo Alto Medical Foundation
    California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC)

    E-Patient Dave
    The Working Stiffs Support Group
    Ambulatory Parkinson’s Disease Monitoring (APDM)
    Michael J. Fox Foundation
    Davis Phinney Foundation
    National Parkinson Foundation
    Parkinson Disease Foundation
    Parkinson’s Action Network

    The App and Platform Developers
    The Gadget Makers
    (Basis, Fitbit, iHealth, Withings, Zeo, SleepCycle, etc)


    YOU and the rest of the Quantified Self community!


    Get Engaged!

    QS PD Meetup


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