James Norris: A Life of Firsts

Like many of us, James Norris remembers his first kiss. Unlike many of us, he also knows who it was with, where it was, and his age. How does he know this information? When he was 13, he realized that he forgot some detail about his life that he thought was important. To prevent that from happening again, he decided to carry around sticky notes to record important life events and has been doing it ever since. Fast forward 15 years and James has recorded 1,500 “firsts.” Watch this talk, presented at the Washington DC QS meetup group, to hear James talk about the data he collects, and the lessons he’s learned along the way.

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One Response to James Norris: A Life of Firsts

  1. James Norris says:

    Thanks for posting this! Always fun doing TMI talks. =)

    If anyone wants to check out the upcoming app: http://firsts.launchrock.com.

    And attend or host one of Self Spark’s lifehacking events: http://www.selfspark.com. We’ve now reached 8 cities.

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