Meetups This Week

Four Quantified Self meetup groups are getting together this week. Nashville will be having their very first meetup and we are very excited for them. It’s a great group out there in “Music City.”

There will also be another first meeting, though it is not technically a Quantified Self Show & Tell group. At QS Labs, we’ve been interested to see the impacts of Apple entering the wearables arena, so we created the Bay Area Apple Watch Users Group to share stories of what people are learning about themselves with this device. Definitely check it out if you live by the bay.

Groningen has a fantastic slate of speakers for their event. Dr. Jan Jaap Reinders will discuss how self-tracking improved his life. Peter Joosten will speak about his diet experiments which included trying the paleo diet and Dave Asprey’s diet for a month each. Enna van Duinen embedded an RFID chip in her hand and will discuss how she uses it. And Adri Mathlener will speak on what he found out about his sleep using Sleepbot.

Not to be outdone, Berlin has a fine group of speakers as well. Chris Hardaker will give a toolmaker talk on his MyQS cloud service. Marina Schmidt will discuss how she tracked her activity to better understand her “flow” states. And Simon Eichenauer will speak on the thorny question of how long to track something.

Tuesday, May 19
Bay Area, CA (Apple Watch Users Group)

Wednesday, May 20
Nashville, Tennessee

Thursday, May 21
Cambridge, England
Groningen, Netherlands
Berlin, Germany

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