Meetups This Week

Six QS meetups are occurring this week. London will mark an incredible five years of meetups! Congratulations to Adriana Lukas and her team. St. Louis will have a special data hack session, focusing on getting the raw data from their devices. Jamie Williams will show the iPython scripts that he uses for pulling data from various API’s. In Boston, the theme of the night will be recovery.

The biggest meetup this week will be the Quantified Self Europe Conference occurring on Friday and Saturday in Amsterdam. We just put the finishing touches on the program, and I’m incredibly excited about it. This one is going to be special.

Monday, September 14
London, England

Tuesday, September 15
St. Louis, Missouri
QSXX – Boston, Massachusetts

Thursday, September 17
Auckland, New Zealand

Friday and Saturday, September 18-19
QSEU15 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Saturday, September 19
Denton, Texas

Meetups Last Week
Last week, Lille had their fourth meetup, with an ever-growing community in the north of France. If you organize a QS meetup, please post pictures of your event to the Meetup website. We love seeing them.

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