Meetups This Week

A great group of Quantified Self meetups are occurring this week. The group in Hamburg will have their meeting in conjunction with Social Media Week. The group in Dublin will be focusing on gut health, with a talk on stool analysis and another on gut hormones. Austin will welcome Dr. Bruce  Meleski to speak about techniques for increasing resiliency. Finally, Groningen will have talks about newborn tracking and trying to learn about happiness through self-tracking.

Tuesday, February 28
Hamburg, Germany

Wednesday, March 1
Dublin, Ireland

Thursday, March 2
Austin, Texas
Groningen, Netherlands

To see when the next meetup in your area is, check the full list of the over 100 QS meetup groups in the right sidebar. Don’t see one near you? Why not start your own! If you are a QS Organizer and want some ideas for your next meetup, check out the myriad of meetup formats that other QS organizers are using here.

Get your tickets for QS17

Our next conference is June 17-18 in lovely Amsterdam. It’s a perfect event for seeing the latest self-experiments, debating the most interesting topics in personal data, and meeting the most fascinating people in the Quantified Self community. There are only a few discounted tickets left. We can’t wait to see you there.

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