QS17 Preview: Overthinking Everything I Own


Matt Manhattan:  I’ll show how my obsession with keeping a visual and textual diary of everything I own changed the way I think. 

Matt Manhattan takes inventory of every item he owns: shirts, ice cream tubs, paper towels, you name it.

Why in the world would someone do this? Is this like Marie Kondo trying to convince you to get rid of half your wardrobe? For Matt, what started as an effort to keep track of his electronics turned into a practice spanning all of his material life. This changed the way he thought about his possessions, and, as a side effect, ended up saving him a substantial amount of money. At QS17, Matt will share what he learned from putting the decision to make a new purchase in the context of his past purchases – purchases whose reasons and costs tend to disappear from our minds unless we have a way to track them and reflect on them.

QS17 – as we never tire of repeating – will be in Amsterdam on June 17/18, 2017. We hope to see you there!

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