Announcing InsideTracker Give-Away for QS18 Attendees

We are excited to announce InsideTracker as a QS18 Exhibitor. Gil Blander, President and Initial Founder, gave a great talk introducing InsideTracker at the QS15 Conference + EXPO.

Gil Blander shares his story of Inside Tracker at QS15

Gil Blander shares his story of Inside Tracker at QS15

InsideTracker puts the power of personalized nutrition into your hands, using your blood, DNA, and habits. They create evidence-based solutions that are simple, actionable, and personalized – because no two bodies are the same. InsideTracker’s goal is to cut through the noise of diet and fitness fads by analyzing blood, DNA, and habits, and tell each person how to live, look, age, and perform better.

Ahead of QS18, InsideTracker will be giving away a chance to test and retest using the Ultimate + InnerAge plan ($1107 in value) to two lucky QS18 attendees. Each selected candidate will get an opportunity to share their experience through a Show&Tell at QS18 in Portland. If you are registered for QS18, send us an email ( with your project/question. If you haven’t yet registered—now is your time to register for QS18 to take advantage of this generous offer. We will be accepting emails until July 31.

In your email, please specify what you are hoping to learn and your time frame for completing project. You should plan to run this test in August/September in order to be prepared to present at the conference on September 22/23. We look forward to hearing from you!

Join us: Quantified Self 2018 Conference in Portland on September 22-23. Register here.

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