The Personal Data Exploratory On Open Humans

In May we released the Personal Data Notebooks with Open Humans. These interactive documents – which bring together text, images and code – are designed to easily access an individual’s own personal data. At the launch of the Personal Data Notebooks we invited the Open Humans and Quantified Self community to contribute their own personal data analyses, to share them with a wider audience. Thanks to the community our analysis library includes notebooks that make use of 23andMe, Fitbit, Twitter, Apple HealthKit, Moves, RescueTime and Google Search History!

To make it easier to find these notebooks – and easier to share your analyses with others – we are now launching our companion to the Personal Data Notebooks, the Personal Data Exploratory. The Exploratory lists ready-to-use data analyses which can be run on your own data as a Personal Data Notebook. You can browse the existing analyses, filter them by your own data sources of interest, preview them, and like/discuss them with other community members. Once you have found an analysis you would like to run on your own data, it is only two clicks to run it.

Your favorite data source is missing or you have an analysis you want to share with a wider audience? Sharing your own Personal Data Notebook and putting it into the Exploratory is just as easy and can be done right from an existing notebook. Give your notebook a descriptive name, write some words on what the analysis does and that’s it. Together we can create a thriving library of quantified self analyses.

Happy exploring!

About Bastian Greshake Tzovaras

Bastian Greshake Tzovaras is the co-founder of openSNP, an open data repository that invites people to openly share their genetic data with the internet. After submitting his PhD thesis in evolutionary bioinformatics he joined Open Humans as a Director of Research. At Open Humans he is working on enabling academic and citizen science alike by shifting research paradigms, putting research participants into the driver's seat.
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