Erica Forzani: Understanding My Pregnancy

Following closely behind Whitney’s pregnancy project, it is fitting to share Erica Forzani’s pregnancy tracking project that can inspire any human who has carried a human in her belly. In addition to just being pregnant and dealing with the work involved with growing a human, Erica tracked her blood glucose levels, physical dimensions, weight, resting metabolic rate, activity, blood pressure and diet throughout her pregnancy to argue many pregnancy and breastfeeding myths. There are a lot of them and her diligent work proves many false.

I’m not quite sure what it is, but for some reason, people love to give pregnant women and women with babies/kids feedback about whatever they are doing. Be it positive or negative, some people just can’t help offering some bit of information they are observing. Perhaps it is because, procreating is somehow instinctively shared among humankind, so people somehow feel they have a piece-in-the-game with the raising of any little being…whatever it is, Erica’s project politely and factually stomps out many of the myths people often hear while carrying a human.

We hope you can join us to share your learnings from a project, or simply be inspired at this year’s 2018 Quantified Self Conference in Portland on September 22-23. Register here.



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