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Mood and Music

A recent meeting of the Amsterdam Quantified Self group saw a talk about health insights gleaned through accidental lifelogging. The speaker (who asked not to be named) has bipolar disorder, and has been using last.fm over the past 7 years to track his music listening and compare it with his friends’ music patterns. He talks about insights he has gained using various tools that make use of last.fm’s API. For example, he discovered a pattern of listening intensely when he’s feeling good, and not listening to music when he is feeling depressed, usually in the summer. He also suggests it would be great to have a similar service for groceries, so you could correlate your mood with foods you eat. Watch his engaging story below. (Filmed at Amsterdam QS Show&Tell #3.)

Mood & Music from Quantified Self Amsterdam on Vimeo.

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Ted Punt on Contactless Monitoring Systems

Ted Punt talks about a device developed by TNO (Dutch Institute for Applied Science) to measure vital signs from people at a distance of up to 10 meters. Heart rate, body motion, and respiration are measured continuously and wirelessly with this device, which should be on the market within a year. He goes into some technical detail and shows prototype video clips in the talk below. (Filmed at Amsterdam QS Show&Tell #3.)

Ted Punt – Contactless monitoring systems from Quantified Self Amsterdam on Vimeo.

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Victor van Doorn on Replay My Day

Victor van Doorn describes himself as a nostalgic workaholic. He has tried and failed to keep diaries, so he decided to build an automatic one. His iPhone app Replay My Day (@replaymyday) collects his location and online activities each day, and builds it into a film – so when he’s lying in bed at night he can press play and literally replay his day. Victor also organized a fun launch party/contest to draw GPS snakes around Amsterdam! Check out his talk below. (Filmed at Amsterdam QS Show&Tell #3.)

Replay My Day @ Quantified Self Amsterdam from Lightstorm Productions on Vimeo.

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Joost Plattel on Public Transportation and other datastreams

Joost Plattel quantifies 67% of his life. His dataset from 2010 has 40,000 data points. One way he tried to make sense of all this data was by building a heatmap of his public transportation data. He plans to build it out by integrating Foursquare, Twitter, Google latitude, and iPhone location data to get a better picture of how he moves around. His wish? A service that incorporates all of your geo-location data – and he’s working on it! (Filmed at Amsterdam QS Show&Tell #3.)

Joost Plattel – Public Transport (OV-chipkaart) & Other datastreams from Quantified Self Amsterdam on Vimeo.

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QS Amsterdam Recap #3

It’s been almost 2 months, but on the sixteenth of May we held our third meetup of QS Amsterdam. We moved our venue again to the Waag which kindly offered us their space.

Joost Plattel at QS Amsterdam

Our first speaker was Remko Siemerink who discovered a strange pattern during his summer according to Last.fm. It turns out he stopped listening to music and this could be related to his ‘summer depression’.

Up next was Ted Punt from TNO who talked about a wireless sensor for monitoring body functions such as breathing, heart-rate or movement during sleep. The technology presented users radar accurate up to 1 millimeter, which for a wireless sensor is quite awesome!

Withings presented their new blood-pressure monitor while announcing a new product which focuses on the lives of babies.

Then I gave a short talk about our public transportation system, using a card much like the Oyster-card used in London. I made a small tool that allows people to upload their data and make a heatmap and provide a feedback-loop about their usage. I gave a short insight into the development process and the things I had to do with the data to make it understandable.

Frog Design and Novartis showed a wireless pill used for monitoring speciifc metabolic processes in your stomach related to organ transplantion. The crowd was amazed by the size of the pill and the system used for accessing data. (a simple patch you can stick just under your ribs).

And lastly Victor van Doorn presented his iPhone app, with a really nice design that delivers a diary, but not by writing but GPS signals, twitter updates or photo’s that you upload. The design looked really nice and the app is about to be released into the App Store!

The videos will be released individually on this blog, but you can see them all at http://vimeo.com/qsams/videos

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