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Randal Koene on Activity Logging

From the Bay Area QS Show&Tell meetup: Randal Koene shows his Linux project “dil2al” (detailed item lists to activity lists). Every 20 minutes, Randal gets a prompt asking him to log his activities and recommending possible task changes according to his set priorities. He’s been using this system since 1999, as a memory assist and a fun way to be productive.

Randal Koene – “dil2al” from Gary Wolf on Vimeo.

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Seth Roberts on Arithmetic and Butter

At the last Bay Area Quantified Self Show&Tell, Seth Roberts presented new findings on his “Arithmetic and Butter” experiment. Seth does arithmetic problems every morning as a measure of his brain function. He found that eating half a stick of butter every day shaved 30 milliseconds off his time to solve the problems. Does butter improve brain function, or is Seth endangering his life, as a cardiologist in the audience worried? Catch the excitement in the video below.

Seth Roberts from Gary Wolf on Vimeo.

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Gordon Bell on MyLifeBits

At the last Bay Area QS Show&Tell meetup, Gordon Bell gave a candid, engaging talk on his MyLifeBits project. He showed pictures from his SenseCam that takes a picture every 20 seconds while he’s wearing it and contributes to the 1 GB of data he generates every month.
Watch the controversy below that emerged when Gordon speculated that if he had been wearing his heart monitor strap while bicycling, he could have prevented his last heart attack – a cardiologist in the audience disagreed that the tracking could have saved him.

Gordon Bell – MyLifeBits from Gary Wolf on Vimeo.

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The Inspiring Story of Sophia

Karen Herzog and Richard Sachs of Sophia’s Garden and Valley Design Group were the last to speak. They stood before a hushed audience at the last Bay Area QS Show&Tell, telling the incredible, moving story of their late daughter Sophia.

Sophia had Niemann-Pick Disease Type A, a rare lysosomal storage disease. Karen and Richard coordinated her care themselves, keeping detailed collaborative records of Sophia and even running their own n=1 clinical trial. The smooth functioning of Sophia’s extensive, international community of care and her very life depended on accurate documentation – one small thing that went wrong could mean that she would die.

Watch Sophia’s inspiring story below.

Karen Herzog and Richard Sachs – Sophia from Gary Wolf on Vimeo.

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Arithmetic and Butter

This is a guest blog post from Seth Roberts. Thanks Seth!


Last Tuesday I gave a talk called “Arithmetic and Butter” at the Quantified Self meeting in Mountain View. I had about 10 slides but this one mattered most:

2010-08-12  butter effect

It shows how fast I did simple arithmetic problems (e.g., 2*0, 9-6, 7*9) before and after I started eating 1/2 stick (60 g) of butter every day. The x axis covers about a year. The butter produced a long-lasting improvement of about 30 msec.

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Bay Area QS Show&Tell #15 – Recap

August QS1.png

It was a standing-room-only, energized gathering at Microsoft on Wednesday evening. Over 140 people came out to listen, connect, and discuss lifelogging at our biggest QS Show&Tell meetup to date!

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Bill Jarrold on Productivity Tracking

When am I most productive?

Bill Jarrold asked himself this question and showed us his answer at the most recent Bay Area QS Show&Tell. He did an analysis of his command line logs and charted how many UNIX commands he issues by hour of the day.

What Bill found was that 3 pm was his peak performance time in terms of number of commands, with a second peak at 10/11 pm. He was surprised to learn that by this measure, his productivity at midnight was as good as his productivity at 10 am.

Bill Jarrold – Productivity Tracking with Command Line Logs from Gary Wolf on Vimeo.

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