Communications and Community Intern

Job Title: Community & Communications Intern
Term: 6 months
Salary: 500/week, Depending on hours and experience

We’re looking for a great Community & Communications intern to help us engage with our worldwide Quantified Self community through in-person events, regular online communication, and ongoing research activities. This is a great job for somebody who believes in the QS mission, and is eager to gain experience building engagement in Bay Area cultural and technical communities. QS Labs is committed to creating a diverse and open working environment.

To apply, send a cover letter and resume/cv to

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Promote QS events by going to related meetups and talking to people, handing out info, making announcements.
  • Welcome and support volunteers at our events.
  • Keep up with online news, including Kickstarter and Indiegogo for ideas about potential participants and partners.
  • Manage our list of Quantified Self organizers and groups in Filemaker.
  • Provide production support for communication materials.
  • Update and tweak WordPress pages and .pdf files using common tools.
  • Solicit and edit bios, descriptions, and photos for conference speakers.
  • Help us keep in touch with Quantified Self Meetup organizers.
  • Support social network promotion of Quantified Self work.
  • Celebrate organizers’ work on the Quantified Self blog.


  • Keen interest in the culture of the Quantified Self
  • Knowledgeable about online community and social networking
  • Excellent English language skills, fluid and fast writer.
  • A high level of emotional intelligence.
  • Comfortable working asynchronously using common tools.
  • A history of attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

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About the Quantified Self and QS Labs

The Quantified Self is an international community of users and makers of self- tracking tools, who share an interest in “self-knowledge through numbers.” This includes people who are doing personal projects as well as developers, hackers, and entrepreneurs. There are more than 100 Quantified Self groups in more than 30 countries. QS Labs, LLC, is a California-based social enterprise founded by Gary Wolf and Kevin Kelly that supports the Quantified Self movement worldwide. Our mission is to inspire meaningful discoveries about ourselves and our communities that are grounded in accurate observation and enlivened by a spirit of friendship.

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