Breakout Conversations

Breakout 1
Saturday, 10:30 am

QS Show&Tell talks - University of Amsterdam room

Personal Data Visualization (Dean, Frick, Frick)

Hacking Your Commercial QS Devices (Amschler)

Genomic Communities (Hwu)

The Future of Everything (Pohflepp)

Mindfulness Pills, and Other Ingestible Sensor Experiments (Dougherty)

Integrating Visualizations with Innertube (Li)

Breakout 2
Saturday, 1:30 pm

QS Show&Tell talks - University of Amsterdam room

What You Can Learn From Hidden Mobile Phone Data (Schrader, Kommerij)

Toolmaker Spotlight (Mehta, Harscoat, Plattel, Gauthier)

How to Use EEG for Self-experimentation (Sona)

Tracking Olfaction (Tillotson)

Extracting Wisdom from Data (Baresi, Sutton)

Wearable and Environmental Sensors (Roberts)

Breakout 3
Saturday, 3 pm

QS Show&Tell talks - University of Amsterdam room

Location Tracking (Plattel)

QS and Privacy (Schneider)

Mobile Biofeedback Systems (Papastefanou)

QS and Relationships (Burke)

Open Questions on Best Practices for Self-tracking (Mortensen)

Sleep Tracking (Fass)

Breakout 4
Sunday, 10:30 am

QS Show&Tell talks - University of Amsterdam room

Personal Data Visualization (Dean, Frick, Frick)

Building a Tricorder (de Brouwer, Clarysse)

Version Control System for Lifelogging (Burke)

The Internet of Actions - Using Data for Doing Things (Harscoat)

Tracking Emotions at Work (Rivera)

Dreams, Needles and Trance: Integrative Self-therapy and Sleep Disorders (Ryan and Prevallet)

Breakout 5
Sunday, 1 pm

QS Show&Tell talks - University of Amsterdam room

Productivity Tracking (Robinett)

Collaborating toward a global freeware citizen diary (Bjerg)

Building Habits: What Have We Learned From Trying? (Mitrea)

Objective vs. Subjective Self-tracking (Baresi, Sutton)

The Problem of Just Doing It (Zilber)

QS Business Models (den Braber)

Breakout 6
Sunday, 2:30 pm

QS Show&Tell talks - University of Amsterdam room

Measuring Cognitive Performance (Kleineidam)

Cracking Behavior Change (Ramirez, Dean)

Biphasic Sleep and Neurofeedback (Dench)

Empathic Design and Why It Matters to QS (Lewington, Hughes)

Map for a Programmable World (Hermanns)

Health Games for Personal and Medical Use (Gekker)

QS Show&Tell Talks

Butterfleye Project: Swimming Goggles to Measure Heart Rate (Hobeika)

Weight and Exercise Tracking with the Hacker Diet (Schneider)

Tracking and Improving My Lung Function (Kleineidam)

Lessons from a Year of Heart Rate Data (Gilleade)

Experience Sampling of My Stress (Atz)

Sleep and Food: An Experiment in Progress (Vink)

Moodscope, Subjective Ratings and Body Blogging (Kreplin)

A Mobile Biofeedback Experiment: Stress and Eating (Papastefanou)

Tracking Everything I Do in my Browser (Back)

Tracking my App Development Process (van Doorn)

Doing is a Form of Knowing: Triggering Actions with Data (Harscoat)

Feedback and Awareness: From Paleo to Creativity (van Heerde)

A Vision of Preventing my Bipolar Relapse Through Smell (Tillotson)

How I Tracked Silence (Roberts)

Monitoring Parkinson Symptoms (Riggare, Stamford)

1-leg Standing & Sleep (Mehta)

The Costs and Side Effects of Tracking (Zilber)

Social Anxiety and Fitness: Tracking Using Humans vs. Technology (Sutherland)

Using Sensor Patterns to Predict Depression or Addiction Relapse (Larsen)

Tracking Fatigue (Bright)

Correlating Food and Drink with Mood and Fitness (Hwu)

Curing Skin Woes Through Experimentation (Rotter)

Tracking My Sleep: WakeMate vs. Zeo and Fitbit (Schumacher)

Inducing Lucid Dreaming: What Methods Work? (Kowrygo)

Lunchtime Ignite Talks

My Experience with a Smartphone Brainscanner (Larsen)

Visualization of Data in a Learning and Self-reflection Context (Santos, Govaerts, Duval)

Flight Tracking (Hessel)

Open Source Neurofeedback OpenEEG Experiments (Sedlmeier)

The Impact of Self-Tracking on Empathic Design and Market Research (Lewington, Hughes)

What Is Wrong with Diet Software? (Snyder)

Asthmapolis (Dean)

How applied personal genomics led to a diagnosis (Shmigelsky)

How Self-tracking Influences Your Environment from a Different Perspective (Plattel)

Insights from The Four Hour Body App (Behnia)

Lessons from Quantifying Behavior in Obesity (Affuso)

Linking Consumer Devices to Prevent Behavioral Diseases (Meyer)

The Daily Gratitude Exercise: A Systematic Approach to Grateful Thinking (Faljic)

Boozerlyzer - Tracking your brain on booze (Addyman)

Prototype freeware citizen diary (Bjerg)

Design considerations for personal informatics tools (Li)

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