Conference Videos

Videos from our plenary and show&tell talks will be posted here as they become available.

Day One - Saturday, May 11, 2013

Opening Plenary

Mood, Emotion, and Meaning - Robin Barooah and Jon Cousins

Robin and Jon opened up the conference by talking very opening and honestly about their experiences with mood tracking.

Session One - Show&Tell Talks

Self-Experimenting and Self-Tracking: A Personal Journey Into Myself - Mariusz Nowostawski

Take a quick tour with Mariusz through tracking his rock-climbing, paragliding, motorcycle racing, meditation,extreme running, cycling in Karakorum and a practice of silence. He asks: What can and cannot be communicated through words, numbers and graphs?

QS Techniques in the Context of CBT and Personal Development - Michael Kazarnowicz

Michael is interested in personal development and quantified self. This session is for everyone interested in the grey zone between self-hacking and self-tracking, with an emphasis on the intersection of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and QS.

Stressing Out Loud - Steven Jonas

Using a heart-rate variability device, Steven set up a system at work that sent him audio alerts whenever it detected that he was stressing out.

Lunchtime Ignite Talks

Me, Myself and I: A Dream Tracking Tale - Luca Mascaro

Recording Life with Momento - Oliver Waters

We want to thank Ken Snyder for his help in editing these videos and Peter Lewis, Winslow Strong, and the rest of our amazing volunteers who helped film these talks.

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