Conference Program

Full program is also online here.

A Carefully Curated Unconference

We operate our Quantified Self conference as a carefully curated unconference. This means that all of our sessions and talks come from our attendees. If you would like to host a session or present at the conference please read below for our session description then email Ernesto if you have any questions.

Show & Tell Talks: These are personal stories of self tracking. They are focused on what individuals have done using self-tracking in their own lives and what they've learned from self-tracking. These talks follow a modified Ignite format (7.5min) with a short Q&A that follows.

Breakout Discussion: These are group discussions about a particular topic related to Quantified Self. The breakout leader facilitates the discussion and introduces the topic to the group of people who attend. The breakout leader also helps guide and direct the discussion.

Lunchtime Ignite Talk: These are much like the show & tell talks above, but they are limited to 5 minutes and happen during the lunch hour. They are usually very well attended. We are a bit more lenient on the personal nature and allow for people to talk more about their projects if they don't have a personal story.

Office Hours: These are light-weight one-hour demo periods that individuals or companies can use to show interested individuals their app, program, or system. They are scheduled concurrently with all the other sessions.

Please take a look at our previous program for more insight into how we program our conferences.



If you would like to sponsor the 2014 Quantified Self Europe Conference please get in touch with us!

Friends of QS

We recently started a program to invite QS Toolmakers to contribute directly to funding our events. We call this program Friends of QS. If you would like to participate we invite you email us to learn more: .