Breakout Sessions

Breakout 1
Saturday, 10:30 am

QS Show&Tell talks - Hahn Auditorium

How to self-experiment (Barooah, Roberts) - Lovelace

Attention tracking (Trentacoste) - Boole

My data API (Rojas) - Hopper

QS data vs. doctor data (Trotter) - Von Neumann

QS business models (Rubin) - Grand Drape

Breakout 2
Saturday, 1:30 pm

QS Show&Tell talks - Hahn Auditorium

Data Visualization (Dean, Frick, Marcum) - Lovelace

Personal genomics (McCauley) - Boole

Public vs. private (Conley, Calo, Reeves) - Hopper

Self-tracking for the masses (Li) - Von Neumann

Mindful technologies (Chen) - Grand Drape

Breakout 3
Saturday, 3 pm

QS Show&Tell talks - Hahn Auditorium

Sleep experiments (Rubin) - Lovelace

Hacking your own QS devices (Biggers, Amschler, Gupta, Machulis) - Boole

Chronic illnesses (Mehta) - Hopper

Location tracking (Barooah) - Von Neumann

Games for health and happiness (Kim, Selvadurai, Sheibley) - Grand Drape

Breakout 4
Sunday, 10:30 am

QS Show&Tell talks - Hahn Auditorium

How to self-experiment (Barooah, Roberts) - Lovelace

Cognition (Winter) - Boole

Lab tests and assays (Asprey) - Hopper

Personal data and network mapping (Smith) - Von Neumann

Observations of Daily Living (Brennan) - Grand Drape

Breakout 5
Sunday, 1:30 pm

QS Show&Tell talks - Hahn Auditorium

Data Visualization (Dean, Frick, Marcum) - Lovelace

DIY anti-aging (Peterson, Fowkes) - Boole

Personal speech analytics (Jarrold) - Hopper

The programmable self (Trotter) - Von Neumann

Quantified Self in a quantified world (Wolf, Olguin) - Grand Drape

Breakout 6
Sunday, 3 pm

QS Show&Tell talks - Hahn Auditorium

Mood tracking (Morris) - Lovelace

Social tracking (Harscoat, Vickey) - Boole

Extreme quantifying (Amschler) - Hopper

Tracking facial expression (Lawton) - Von Neumann

Cracking behavior change (Ramirez, Dean) - Grand Drape

QS Show&Tell Talks

Predicting Sickness with heart rate (DeSouza)

Dynamics of self-tracking (Li)

Heart Rate Variability and emotion tracking (Rozman)

Tracking Sleep Apnea episodes (Adler)

Tracking Mood with the Help of Friends (Cousins)

Fluid Info and Personal Data Ecosystem (Jones)

Life Logging in 15 minute intervals (Lipkowitz)

Mood Tracking (Morris)

Comparing personal fitness theories — P90X vs 4-Hour Body (Dascalescu)

Getting meaning from 23andMe data (Dyson)

Home water pressure as a tracking signal (Thomaz)

Social Memex (Carranza)

Self-tracking guinea pig (Vickey)

Tracking micronutrients and caffeine (Burton)

Tracking my media diet (Zuckerman)

Location, privacy aware visualization (Gupta)

Tracking chronic illness (Mehta)

The Locker Project (Hanson)

The Step Exchange: A pedometer game that moves human networks (Fetherstonhaugh)

Personal data behind the scenes at Foursquare (Selvadurai)

Using Heart Rate Variability to control nervous system functions (Asprey)

Visualizing email archives (Hangal)

Personal data architecture (Marvit)

The coffee and productivity experiment (Barooah)

Lunchtime Ignite Talks

Reflections in a digital mirror (Smolan)

Building a medical tricorder (Chellam)

Tracking my weight loss (Harrison)

Life extension through food and supplement tracking (Gale)

Crohn's disease tracking (Ahrens)

Tracking mood with Mercury App (Gray)

Living profiles: tracking mood through text (Park)

Agile Self Development (Swenson, Larson)

Weavrs: alter egos for the social web (Bausola)

Using Mood Log (Chaffee)

PACO — open source self-tracking for Android (Evans)

What can I learn from your self-experiment? (Eslick)

Weight loss and maintenance research via self-tracking (Fung)

Tracking pain with a clicker (Heiss)

Solving for personal happiness with evolutionary computation (Neeley)

Quantter and the QS Community (Harscoat)

Smile (Gutman)


gottaFeeling iphone app — Alicia Morga

Scientifically validated technology created by HeartMath shows how emotions affect our health, well being + performance — April Souza

HealthJournal: Platform for rapid creation of customizable mobile self-monitoring solutions — Elina Mattila (and others)

Let's organize an Lifestyle-Wide Association Study — Esther Dyson

Hacking into my heart device's data — Hugo Campos, Kyle Machulis

Why Limit Yourself to Your Self? Weave your alter egos into life. — James Tindall

How do we make 108 Personal Scientists? — Matthew Cornell

Project HealthDesign advances a vision of personal health records (PHRs) as springboards for action and improved health decision-making. — Patricia Flatley Brennan

Personal Beasties: taming the beasties within — Paula Murgia

Can Twitter make you fit? — Ted Vickey

The Active Desk: A 2.5 Year Journey of Walking and Working — Ernesto Ramirez

Tracking data sucks — Mischa Serlin

Helminth (Intestinal Worm) Therapy to Treat Crohn's Disease — Sean Ahrens, Nikolai Kirienko

Muse: emories Using Email — Sudheendra Hangal

Fluidinfo: a single-instance hosted storage platform — Terry Jones


Debugging My Health Concerns — Thomas Blomseth Christiansen

Living Profiles: Redefining a personal health record for teens with chronic conditions — Tina Park (and others)

Real Social Networks: The Importance and Difficulty of Capturing Face to Face Interactions — Alex Loewi

Simple Memory: Those I emailed the most from 2004 to 2010 — Amy Martin

Body Track: Open Source tools to capture and explore data on various activities over time — Anne Wright

Do your medications work? — Avik Basu

Sleep Improvement using Zeo Sleep Monitor — Christine Peterson

Proactive Sleep — Daniel Gartenberg

The "Stress Meter" and other applications of a generalized data tracking and analysis platform — Dave Marvit

Predictive Health With Hydrosense: Inferring health condition at home with water pressure sensing — Edison Thomaz

Sophia's World: Lifelog a collective self — Karen Herzog, Richard Sachs

Innertube: Your Personal Informatics Dashboard — Ian Li

A Stage-Based Model of Personal Informatics Systems — Ian Li

Various Projects — Ian Li

Empowering Patient and Care Team with Self-Tracking — Uwe Heiss

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