Session 1 (after opening plenary)

Saturday, 10:30 am

QS Show&Tell Talks - McCaw Hall
Moderated by Gary Wolf

Reverse Mood Tracking As A Decision-Making Tool (Alan Greene)

Quantified Curiosity (Amy Robinson)

Tracking Time, Clothes, Stuff, and Other Little Things (Sacha Chua)

Quantifying Seat Time and Turning it Healthy (Mark Leavitt)

Breakout Sessions

Infographics 101: The Power of Visual Storytelling (Jason Lankow) - Lodato room

Your Blue Room: the neuroscience of ideation (Marcin Kowrygo) - Lyons room

Using Software to Exercise your brain & grow focus (Dave Asprey) - McDowell room

Hacking APIs (Bill Day, Beau Gunderson) - Lane room

Understanding Our Sleep (Jonny Farringdon) - Cranston room

10^100: Making sense of all that data (David Ewing Duncan) - Barnes room

Office Hours - Ford Gardens

DIY Hardware (Mark Frauenfelder) - Feynman table

Bringing empathy online (Heidi Allstop) - Edison table

Data aggregation and exploration with Fluxtream/BodyTrack (Anne Wright, Candide Kemmler) - Curie table

Tictrac (Martin Blinder) - Lovelace table

Brain-computer interface technology (Trevor Coleman) - Tesla table

Live streaming data (Tomas Ward) - Blackburn table

DIY Genomics (Melanie Swan) - Babbage table

The Human Hacker House (Janet Chang) - Franklin table


Saturday, 12:00 pm

Ignite talks - McCaw Hall

Tailored meals to keep me healthy (Jason Langheier)

Tracking my different biomechanical positions during the day (and night) (Charles Wang)

Use of a generalized data tracking platform in PTSD treatment (Dave Marvit)

An Open and Integrated Platform for Self Tracking (Daniel Nofal)

Evolving health: What I have learned as a data driven coach (Joshua Manley)

Session 2

Saturday, 1:30 pm

QS Show&Tell talks - McCaw Hall
Moderated by Gary Wolf

My 28-Hour Day Experiments (Joe Betts-LaCroix)

Fitting mental models to a self-tracking life (Joost Plattel)

To sleep, perchance to REM (Ariel Berwaldt)

Experiences of a Six Year Visual Lifelogging Experiment (Cathal Gurrin)

Breakout Sessions

Is QS science? The role of QS in scientific discovery (Daniel Gartenberg) - Lane

EEG for Self-Experimentation (Martin Sona) - Lodato

Habit Design (Michael Kim) - Lyons

Medical data: Public resource, personal asset… or is there a third way? (Esther Dyson) - McDowell

Reducing Friction in Quantified Self Technologies (Bobby Sakaki, Phillip Thomas) - Cranston

Separating user signal from noise and incorporating into your product (Nicholas Gammell) - Barnes

Office Hours - Ford Gardens

Human Enhancement Centre (Marcin Kowrygo) - Feynman

Manly Dieting (John La Puma) - Edison

Getting healthier one choice at a time (Chris Hogg) - Curie

An action wiki with stats and promotion tools (Denis Harscoat) - Lovelace

Monsoon wellness app (Sandeep Sood) - Tesla

Health Graph Hacking 101 (Bill Day) - Blackburn

Safely aggregating personal data and monetizing data analysis (Patrice Slupowski) - Babbage

Alohar Mobile (Sam Liang) - Nightingale

Personal Experiments: a platform and process for Self-Experimentation (Ian Eslick) - Goodall

Digital dream journaling (Luca Mascaro) - Franklin

Session 3

Saturday, 3:00 pm

QS Show&Tell talks - McCaw Hall
Moderated by Rajiv Mehta

600 nights of Zeo tracking (Laurie Frick)

Data Driven Sculpture (Stephen Cartwright)

Brain Tracking: What I Have Recently Learned (Seth Roberts)

Body Transformation (Calvin Buhler)

Breakout Sessions

The brain and self-quantification, a bidirectional relationship (Matt Keener) - Lodato

Data Donation (Chris Hogg) - Barnes

Experimenting with muscles, EEG, and HRV in real time (Alex Grey) - Lane

Crossing the Data Desert (Vahe Kassardjian, Rafi Haladjian) - Cranston

Time Management Design (Michael Kotas) - Lyons

How to start/run a QS Show&Tell meetup group (Adam Butterfield, Steve Dean) - McDowell

Office Hours - Ford Gardens

Skin conductivity biosensor (Gary McDarby) - Feynman

Tracking as motivation (Jun Axup, David Horn) - Edison

Common data formats (Nitin Borwankar) - Curie

Pay Attention Technology (Thomas Blomseth Christiansen) - Lovelace

cloud2health - digital personal health assistant (Mike Gerstenfeld) - Nightingale

Health data aggregation and analysis (Aaron Coleman) - Tesla

Bodymedia wearable monitoring data (Rachel Jackson) - Blackburn

Transcranial direct current stimulation and Quantified Mind (Bob Kryczko) - Babbage

Lifelogging (Gordon Bell) - Franklin

Session 4

Sunday, 10:30 am

QS Show&Tell talks - McCaw Hall
Moderated by Gary Wolf

4 months of real time emotion tracking (Matteo Lai)

Genes and other strangers (Esther Dyson)

QS+1 Lessons learned from assisting in trading FOREX currencies (Ewart de Visser)

Sleep and consciousness (Marcin Kowrygo)

Breakout Sessions

Using Kickstarter for QS projects (Jun Axup) - Lodato

Quantifying at Work (David Reeves) - Lyons

Cognitive Measurement (Jakob Larsen, Yoni Donner) - Lane

Best Practices in Dataviz (Lee Lukehart) - McDowell

Accessing scientific research: How to make sense of personal data (Dawn Nafus, Mette Furbo) - Barnes

Exploring the Quantified Us (David Fetherstonhaugh, Elliot Hedman) - Cranston

Office Hours - Ford Gardens

Frontiers of Self-Tracking (Larry Smarr) - Feynman

Personal analytics (Eric Blue) - Edison

Social habit tracking (Tony Stubblebine) - Curie

Lifelogging (Cathal Gurrin) - Goodall

Does biometric tracking affect behavior change? (Mike Rucker, Ryan McFadden) - Lovelace (Erik Haukebø) - Tesla

Using the Singly API for QS applications (Beau Gunderson) - Blackburn

The Track&Share Movement (Uwe Heiss) - Babbage

Unfrazzle your life (Raj Mehta) - Franklin


Sunday, 12:00 pm

Ignite talks - McCaw Hall

Evolution of the Butterfleye Swimming Sensor (Hind Hobeika)

Data aggregation and exploration with Fluxtream/BodyTrack (Anne Wright, Candide Kemmler)

Common sense activities app (Jan Peter Larsen)

My experiences integrating self-tracking into medical care (Paul Abramson)

Experiencing the Biological Rhythm of Another Species (Natalie McKeever)

A clinical-quality, low-cost mobile ECG (David Albert)

Session 5

Sunday, 1:30 pm

QS Show&Tell talks - McCaw Hall
Moderated by Gary Wolf

Conquering Ironman with data and math (Sami Inkinen)

2 years of tracking weight, diet, and sleep (Randy Sargent)

Debugging Life with Personal Analytics (Stefan Heeke)

Data Does not Lie: Orgasm vs. Performance (Dave Asprey)

Breakout Sessions

Personal Speech Analytics (Bill Jarrold) - Lodato

Heart Rate Variability 101 (Ronda Collier) - Lane

Psychological and social-cultural consequences of QS going forward (Yuri van Geest) - Barnes

A Memex for the Quantified Self (Betsy Masiello, Jess Hemerly) - Lyons

Practice and Quantify mindful communication (George Lawton) - Cranston

Respecting Digital Identity (Martha Russell) - McDowell

Office Hours - Ford Gardens

23andMe API (Mike Polcari) - Feynman

Visualizing my medical symptoms over time (Katie McCurdy) - Edison

Memoto Camera (Martin Källström) - Curie

Living Experiments for achieving goals (Michael Cole) - Lovelace

Your digital footprint (Fredrik Wollsén) - Tesla

AliveCor mobile ECG (David Albert) - Nightingale

Measuring Arousal (Elliot Hedman) - Goodall

Sleeping with Technology: 24/7 tracking (Christel de Maeyer) - Babbage

LED heart rate monitor (Sally Edwards) - Franklin

Long-term self-tracking (Seth Roberts) - da Vinci

Session 6

Sunday, 3:00 pm

QS Show&Tell talks - McCaw Hall
Moderated by Eri Gentry

Patterns of my achy breaky HRV heart (Jo Beth Dow)

Using Physiological Measurements at Classical Concerts to Learn What Excites Me (Elliot Hedman)

Tales of Weight Tracking (Lisa Betts-LaCroix)

Memory and Learning (Steven Jonas)

Breakout Sessions

pH tracking for learning about inflammation, sleep, and mental performance (Steven Fowkes) - Lane

Health as a Team Sport (Mei Lin Fung, Sam Gerzenstag) - Lyons

Before You Can Change, Know Your Behavior Type (Nir Eyal) - Lodato

What business models work for QS? (Erik Svenson) - Cranston

Quant-friendly doctors and self-tracking patients (Paul Abramson) - McDowell

Calming Technology (Neema Moraveji, Steph Habif) - Barnes

Office Hours - Ford Gardens

Quantifying Personal Communications (Noah Zandan) - Feynman (Rafi Haladjian, Vahe Kassardjian) - Edison

Real-time posture and movement sensing (Charles Wang) - Curie

Physical mobility training in the home (Heleen Borleffs, Wendelien Loopik) - Lovelace

Using Sensor Patterns to Predict Depression or Addiction Relapse (Jan Peter Larsen) - Tesla

OReilly Health Data Initiative (Rob Rustad, Roger Magoulas) - Blackburn

Vital Connect wireless biosensor (Justin Heindel, Bill Brennan) - Goodall

How will we enable the Aspirational Self? (Simon Frid) - da Vinci

Closing Plenary in McCaw Hall

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