Welcome to the Quantified Self 2013 Global Conference!

The Quantified Self 2013 Global Conference will be our fifth gathering of the global community of self-trackers and tool-makers. This will be a working meeting with attendees coming from many of the 90+ QS groups worldwide. It's a place to gather, inspire, and learn from each other as we share our self-tracking projects, collaborate on new ideas, and discuss the future of the Quantified Self movement.

If you've never been to a QS Conference before, here's what to expect: our meeting will be hands-on and interactive, with user-defined workshops on mood, data visualization, sleep, ethics, and many other topics. We'll also have some of the most interesting speakers from QS Show&Tell Meetups around the word reprise or update their talks for all of us, along with plenary session discussions of current topics in the technology and culture of self-tracking.

If you are an advanced user, designer, inventor, entrepreneur, journalist, scientist, or health professional, please join us at the beautiful San Francisco Presidio Golden Gate Club at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge for two days of collaboration and inspiration!

Note: We expect to sell out, so if you plan to attend please register today.

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Friends of QS

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