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Contests for Data Gurus

I recently came across three contests relevant to the QS community, and wanted to pass them along.

1. data in sight: making the transparent visual
This is a hands-on data visualization competition held June 25th and 26th, 2011, at the Adobe Systems, Inc. offices in San Francisco’s SoMa District. Open to coders, programmers, developers, designers, scientists, members of the media—anyone who believes that data is divine and has ideas for bringing it to life. Data sets will be provided, or bring your own. (Thanks to Indhira Rojas for sending this in!)

2. Health 2.0 Developer Challenge: Washington, DC Code-a-thon
On June 11, 2011, developers, designers and other stakeholders will be given an overview of health care issues, tools and data sets, and asked to creatively design new tools for the health care space. Developers are encouraged to use OpenGov data sets as well as private data sets to create their application. At the end of the day, developers present their application to the group, and the best solution is awarded.

3. CureTogether Health Data Discovery Contest
Over the past 3 years, CureTogether has gathered millions of patient-reported data points on symptoms and treatments for over 500 conditions. But on a larger scale, how well does CureTogether data represent the general population? In this contest, stats-minded people are asked to challenge the dataset and see whether or not it holds up to existing research studies. There are cash prizes, and the deadline for joining the contest is June 29, 2011.

4. sanofi-aventis U.S. Innovation Challenge: Data, Design, Diabetes
Starting July 1, 2011, innovators can submit their best data-inspired and human centered concepts for people living with diabetes. 5 semi-finalists will receive $20,000 and professional mentoring to develop a working prototype. Following a demo day, 2 finalists will be selected to receive an additional $10,000 to test their solution in a real life diabetes community. The final winner will receive $100,000 and a month stay at the RockHealth incubator in San Francisco to turn their prototype in to a scalable solution for people living with diabetes. (Thanks to Steve Dean for sending this in!)

Good luck! If you know of any other QS-related contests, please leave a comment.

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Sastry Nanduri on Hacking 4 Health

This is a guest post by Sastry Nanduri, co-founder of one of our annual sponsors, HealthTap. Please comment below if you’d like to be part of the “personal data hackathon” Sastry is suggesting:

HealthTap is an avid supporter and sponsor of Quantified Self. We share Quantified Self’s belief that quantification and measurement can lead to insightful learning and impactful improvement. HealthTap’s vision is based on exactly this philosophy. Our mission is to improve people’s health by helping them make better health decisions using data. We are working to unleash the power of data – facts and numbers – to make it personal, and use it to help bring about measurable improvements to people’s health and well-being. Continue reading

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How to Build an iPhone App Without Learning Objective C

If you know basic web development but haven’t got a clue how to build iPhone apps, Jonathan Stark has written a book you might want to read. It’s called Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and the full text is free (for now) at http://building-iphone-apps.labs.oreilly.com/

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Health Data Mojo – 1 App, 1 Tool, 2 Challenges

asthma map.pngWhat do you get when you mashup open health data, government officials, and app developers?

A “river of mojo” for health innovation. These are the words of Todd Park, CTO of HHS, who recently instigated the release of several government health datasets for public analysis.

Park revved up the audience at the sold-out Community Health Data Forum in Washington DC on Wednesday, infecting us with enthusiasm for the “lollapalooza of innovation” that he sees happening around health data visualization and sense-making. The Forum started with a showcase of apps that have been built in the 12 short weeks that the data has been available, then morphed into a mini devcamp where small groups had to come up with 3 health app ideas in 20 minutes.

I’ve written up the showcase on the Future Now blog at Institute for the Future, who was kind enough to sponsor my attendance. For Quantified Self readers, I wanted to share the coolest app and tool I saw related to self-tracking, as well as two developer challenges that might be of interest. Read on…

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