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Stanford Students Design for Lifelogging

Next Monday, Stanford students will show off their designs around lifelogging and mobile sensing. Here is the announcement from Jeff Heer, Stanford professor and Quantified Self advisory board member:

We’re having an action-packed year in the Stanford HCI program — in addition to celebrating the program’s 20th anniversary, we’re presenting a number of exciting new research projects at CHI 2011 and HCI courses are hitting record enrollments. Check out http://hci.stanford.edu for the latest.

Continuing the tradition, on Monday 3/14, 15 student teams in CS247 HCI Design Studio will be presenting their design explorations around the theme of “Lifelogging: mobile and online sensing for public or private good”. Come experience a variety of applications seeking to enhance our everyday lives – and meet top graduating students passionate about interaction design.

We will begin with food and socializing at 6pm at the d.school; short student presentations will commence promptly at 6:30pm, followed by a demo & poster session.

For more information and directions, visit:

Hope to see you there!
Jeff & the CS247 Staff

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Next Weekend: BIL is on

Most of you have may have heard of TED or watched the talks online, but do you know about BIL, the quirky, populist, unconference option taking place nearby? Open to the public and fully participant powered, BIL features a wild mix of technologists, scientists, artists, and hackers.

Join the fun March 5-6th on the historic Queen Mary, docked in Long Beach. Expect to hear topics from Life Extension and Robotics to DIY biology, the future of the Pharmaceutical Industry, and Open Hardware Hacking. This year, many members of local LA hackerspaces will participate, and you can hear about the exciting technologies being developed by these tinkerers.

To join this weekend of mind expanding discussion, sign up at http://www.bilconference.com/uncategorized/sign-up-for-bil-2011/

Thanks to Joseph Jackson for sending this in.

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Quantified Self at HealthCamp

Quantified Self is excited to be part of HealthCamp again this year, with a self-tracking discussion session led by Gary Wolf. And yes, it’s the same day as our Quantified Self Show&Tell Meetup at Autodesk. October 6 will be a full day.
This is a guest post from Maren Connary, organizer of HealthCamp and QS regular:

Thumbnail image for HealthCampSFBay logo.png

HealthCamp is a growing national movement of volunteers organizing user-generated unconferenes on healthcare innovation. 

On October 6, HealthCamp will be offering a tour of the Garfiled Center at 8 am to the first 40 people who register, and the event starts at 9 am. The Quantified Self session will be at 11 am but we recommend staying for the whole day (lunch included) because the United States CTO Aneesh Chopra and HHS CTO Todd Park will be kicking off the day’s events!

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Personalized Life Extension Conference – QS Discount

Here’s your chance to learn how to live longer, and save money too.

Christine Peterson is hosting the first Personalized Life Extension Conference, October 9-10 at the San Francisco Airport Marriott. She is offering a $100 discount on the $275 registration price to all Quantified Self members who register with the discount code “QS”.

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Open Science Summit July 29-31


Joseph Jackson has an announcement to make. He attended the last Bay Area QS Show &Tell meetup and told the group about the Open Science Summit he’s organizing in Berkeley this summer.

In his words:

Open Science Summit 2010:  Updating the Social Contract for Science 2.0

July 29-31
 International House Berkeley    

Synthetic Biology, Gene Patents, Open Data, Open Access, Microfinance

for Science, DIY science, DIY Biology, Alternative Funding for Science,

Source Drugs, Patent Pools, Open Health/Medicine, Patient Advocacy for

Ready for a rapid, radical reboot of
the global innovation system for a truly free and open 21st century
knowledge economy?  Join us at the first Open Science Summit, an attempt
to gather all stakeholders who want to liberate our scientific and
technological commons to enable an new era of decentralized, distributed
innovation to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.

In the last ten years, a
collection of burgeoning movements has begun the herculean task of
overhauling the outmoded institutions and worldviews that make up our
global scientific governance system. Proponents of the Access to
Knowledge movement (A2K) have united around the principle that data and
knowledge are “anti-rivalrous,” the value of information increases as it

Open Access Journals have
demonstrated a new path for publishing that utilizes the power of the
internet to instantly distribute ideas instead of imposing artificial
scarcity to prop up old business models. “Health 2.0″ entrepreneurs are
seeking to apply the lessons of e-commerce to empower patients.

However, these different efforts
are each working on a piece of the problem without a view of the
whole. It is not sufficient or realistic to tweak one component of the
innovation system (eg, patent policy) and assume the others stay static.
Instead, dynamic, interactive, nonlinear change is unfolding.

The Open Science
Summit is the first and only event to consider what happens throughout
the entire innovation chain as reform in one area influences the
prospects in others. In the best case scenario, a virtuous circle of
mutually reinforcing shifts toward transparency and collaboration could
unleash hitherto untapped reserves of human ingenuity.

The registration link is here – you can get the earlybird discount until June 1.

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