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Welcome to our Guide to Self-Tracking Tools!

Here you will find tools, apps, and projects contributed by the global Quantified Self community (that includes you!) This guide is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Pioneer Portfolio, which supports bold ideas at the cutting edge of health and health care, in partnership with Institute for the Future.

Our goal is to gather and organize the world's collective self-tracking resources in one place, in a way that is useful for self-tracking experts and beginners who are just starting out.

Editorial Policy

Our goal is to optimize the Guide to QS Tools for the sharing of useful resources. Typical community forum values are operational here. Share your favorite tools freely, and know that there are human editors here who will work to maintain a good atmosphere. Let us know if you need our help.

One thing in particular is likely to get your tool deleted. This is not a promotional platform. We are trying to find the voice and core utility of the guide, keeping it true to QS values, and we are deleting tools that appear to be part of an organized campaign of shilling for sales/downloads. Please give us a heads up if you see this.

Gary Wolf